We offer here a number of useful tools and widgets for your website to
Radiobox Generator
Offer your visitors radios from the varying music styles
Streambox Generator
Get the online status from your streamserver on your website with player links
Streamlink Generator
Create all media player streaming links
Radio Playlist Generator
Here you can be generate a current playlist of your Shoutcast radio. This you can use in your website to show what you just send.
Playlist format generator
This Generator creates playlist format files for media player, real player, winamp.
Podcast generator
Here you can can create a podcast XML feed file, that links your media files.
Whois query
Check if your desired domain name is still available.
Energy cost calculator
If you're trying to decide whether to invest in a more energy-efficient appliance or you'd like to determine your electricity loads, you may want to estimate appliance energy consumption.
Geo-coordinates calculator
Calculate the distance between geo-coordinates.
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